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Protect America has a lot of positive features for people who want to improve the security of their homes. The low introductory price means that practically anyone can afford a home security system. The prices increase rapidly, though, which could prevent some families from getting the levels of security that they want from their homes.

Overall, Protect America has a good reputation among its customers. People like that they can customize their security systems. Customers also like that they can add some basic home automation components to their systems.

How Does Protect America Work?

Protect America makes it easy for people to protect their homes. For a low price and activation fee, the company will send you a basic home security system that includes a control panel, motion sensor and door or window sensors. Once the system has been activated, you choose a passcode so you can turn it off and on.

When the security system is armed, it will sound a loud alarm when someone enters the home without inputting the correct code. The system will alert the police that an unauthorized person has entered the house. Depending on the package that you have, it may also send you an alert via text or email.

Protect America sells three types of systems: landline, broadband and cellular.

Connecting the system to a landline makes it possible to contact the police when intruders enter the home. Unfortunately, landline service will not let you view streaming video from your home. The broadband and cellular designs will let you watch video on your mobile device or computer. Access to video does more than add safety to your home. It also gives you a chance to make sure that your kids are behaving and check unexpected events that happen while you’re away from home.

Some experts believe that cellular connections offer higher levels of security. Experienced burglars may know how to cut landlines. Once cut, the system cannot contact the police. By using a cellular connection, you make it impossible for thieves to cut your system’s connection to the police.

Keep in mind that home warranty products like Select Home Warranty mostly do not cover home security systems.

What Makes Protect America Stand Out?

Protect America stands out because it offers a remarkably low introductory price. With the Copper Package, you can protect your home for about $240 per year. You won’t find many companies that offer hardware and monitoring services for such a low price.

The other packages can get a little expensive, but they even make it easier for homeowners to protect their properties without spending a lot of money up front. Other than the $99 activation fee, you never have to pay for your hardware. Some companies charge thousands of dollars for basic home security devices. With Protect America, you may pay a slightly higher monthly fee but you never have to purchase your equipment. People with limited incomes will appreciate that they can avoid high upfront expenses.

Common Reviews of Protect America

Protect America gets a lot of positive reviews for its commitment to customer service. When customers have problems, the company always looks for a way to make things right. Some reviewers are so impressed by the services that they mention their customer service reps by name to congratulate them.

Customers also give Protect America positive reviews for making basic home security affordable. A lot of people can’t afford to purchase home security equipment. Since Protect America doesn’t ask customers to pay for hardware upfront, many households find that they can get better security without draining their savings accounts. By using Protect America, these households may pay slightly higher monthly bills, but they’re never hit with the significant expense of buying a security system.

Of course, all companies have their detractors. Some Protect America reviews complain about lengthy customer service wait times. One reviewer claims that he scheduled a call to walk him through the installation process. Protect America did not contact him until an hour after the scheduled time. This created a huge problem because he had a small business to run and couldn’t take the call. Although a few customers complain that the customer service line leaves people on hold for too long, this is the only account of someone having this big of a problem with Protect America.

While some people love avoiding the high cost of security systems, other customers don’t like signing a three-year contract. After signing the service contract, customers have to keep paying Protect America even if they want to get rid of their systems. If you’re wary of long contracts, then you probably won’t like Protect America’s agreement.

Is Protect America for You?

If you want an entry-level, wireless home security system with an affordable monitoring service, then Protect America is a good option for you. You get a reliable system that’s easy to install. You get good customer service. You even get an opportunity to upgrade by adding cameras and additional monitors to your system.

Keep in mind that you do not own the security system that you get from Protect America. You rent it from the company as part of your monthly service bill. By avoiding the high price of purchasing equipment up front, you can afford to protect your home.

Some people prefer owning their home security systems. If you would rather own yours, then Protect America probably isn’t the best company for you. Luckily, several home security and automation companies sell systems and devices. Depending on which system you purchase, you could spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Security systems aren’t cheap.

Ultimately, Protect America is for people who want to protect their homes without spending more money than they can afford. The company doesn’t have a huge catalog of home automation devices, but it does offer important tools that can protect your family from burglars, floods, fires and carbon monoxide. If you want to add home automation features, then you can get some basic items from Protect America.

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