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Home security is a competitive industry with many excellent companies. SimpliSafe has established itself as a reliable, affordable option for people who want flexible security options. The company responds quickly to alarms, has affordable prices and lets customers choose the specific hardware that they need for their homes.

How Does SimpliSafe Work?

SimpliSafe uses cellular technology to connect a wide range of home security devices. Thanks to this technology, owners can add as many devices as they want. People with small homes can purchase the essential set of items to keep their families safe. People with large homes can continue adding motion detectors, cameras and other devices to cover every inch of their properties.

Cellular connections offer a few benefits for SimpliSafe owners. Since the system doesn’t have any wires, intruders cannot interfere with the alarm. No matter what they do, the alarm will go off once it senses them. The cellular connection also prevents burglars from connecting the system’s line to the police. Some home security systems rely on landlines to call for assistance. Smart burglars learn how to disable landlines so systems cannot contact the police. Thanks to the cellular line, SimpliSafe can send a message to the police for quick responses.

Intruders set off alarms by opening doors, passing by motion detectors or entering the range of video cameras. Once an alarm goes off, someone must input a correct code into the wireless keypad. The correct code will disable the system. Assuming that the owner pays for monitoring services, SimpliSafe’s system will contact the police for assistance. An officer can come to the house to check for intruders and robberies. Without the monitoring service, a piercing alarm will scare away intruders and attract the attention of neighbors.

SimpliSafe owners can pay extra to receive email and text alerts when someone sets off their alarms. Instead of waiting for the police to call about the intrusion, homeowners get information immediately. Texts and email alerts can also keep homeowners informed of when authorized individuals enter the home. For instance, if the kids have their own access code, parents will know that they have come home when the alarm comes on and gets shut off. Owners can establish multiple codes to give different people access to their homes.

What Makes SimpliSafe Stand Out?

SimpliSafe stands out for its low prices and lack of monitoring contract. Few companies charge such low prices for their equipment. A basic home security system from SimpliSafe costs only $229.96. That low price will attract many homeowners who want to protect their properties without spending a lot of money.

Many people will also appreciate that SimpliSafe doesn’t force them to sign a monitoring contract. Although monitoring makes the system more effective by alerting the police to intruders, some homeowners may not want to pay the monthly fee. Instead, they can rely on the home security system’s alarm to frighten intruders before they manage to steal anything or damage the property.

SimpliSafe faces a lot of competition in the home security market. The company has responded by charging extremely low prices for its hardware and monitoring services.

Common Reviews of SimpliSafe

Although SimpliSafe receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, it receives a mixture of positive and negative reviews from customers.

Negative reviews often complain that customers do not receive hardware in a timely manner. Some customers note that SimpliSafe processed their orders, but contacted them several weeks later to say that the product was no longer in stock. Others complain that they received broken hardware that does not work properly, although some of these reports could result from user error. Most professional reviewers say that the SimpliSafe devices have easy installation instructions that take only a few minutes to fulfill.

Positive reviews state that SimpliSafe has excellent products that work well and are easy to set up in homes without professional assistance. Many people also state that they received admirable customer services from SimpliSafe. These reviews, however, almost always come from owners who subscribe to the monitoring service. They find that customer service agents respond to alarms quickly and attentively.

Not surprisingly, a lot of customers talk about how they enjoy SimpliSafe’s low hardware and monitoring prices. For some people, finding lower prices is the most important aspect of securing their homes. Higher prices could make it impossible for them to affordable any security equipment or services.

Is SimpliSafe for You?

With so many companies working in the home security industry, you need to explore several options before you decide which one is right for you. Many people will decide that SimpliSafe offers the services, hardware and prices that they want.

SimpliSafe is particularly attractive to families who want to protect their properties without spending much money. The company lets you build your own security system, so you have control over how much money you spend. Some people choose to equip their homes with the most necessary equipment. Others choose to add monitors to every window and door. This flexibility makes it a great option for a wide range of people.

SimpliSafe will also appeal to you if you don’t like the idea of signing a long-term monitoring contract. In fact, SimpliSafe doesn’t make you sign a contract at all. You can purchase the equipment without signing up for monitoring services, or you can cancel your monitoring services at any time. Of course, forgoing monitoring services limits your security system’s ability to do its job. If you believe that an alarm is all you need to keep your home safe, though, you get to choose that option.

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