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TotalProtect currently has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It was first accredited by the BBB in 2007. The company headquarters are in Sunrise, Florida. They have a network of professional service technicians that number over 40,000 and employs more than 500 itself. They’ve designed their packages to appeal to just about any homeowner looking for extra warranty coverage beyond manufacturer’s warranties and their own homeowner’s insurance.

As with any contract, it is the buyer’s responsibility to read through the “fine print” to make certain you know exactly what you’re purchasing. With TotalProtect, their website clearly spells out what it covers and any exclusions to coverage. There is a sample contract available on the TotalProtect website for you to go over. You can also find information there on how home warranties differ from home insurance.

Pricing is always an important factor when choosing a home warranty policy. TotalProtect’s premiums are highly competitive when compared to their competition. Their choice of plans is simple and clearly spelled out in their website information. You retain control of your premium price by having options on the amount of deductible you choose, as well.

How good you rate your service will depend on whether you get the plan that is best for your conditions. The Appliances Plan is best suited for homeowners who are confident in the solid state of their home systems. The plan will cover kitchen and laundry appliances, which can breakdown at any time. But if the remainder of your home’s systems are solid, this is probably the best plan for you.

If your home systems are a major concern, the Systems Plan is probably going to be the one for you. It covers most issues with electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems in the home, plus a few extras.

If you’re living in a home that is more than 15 years old, you may need to consider the Combo Plan. This plan will cover not only your laundry and kitchen appliances, but will also provide you coverage for major issues with your home’s systems. It will cost a bit more but the yearly premium is far less than the replacement cost for an HVAC system.

TotalProtect offers a customer service hotline that is available 24/7. Couple that with the six-month guarantee on appliance repairs, and TotalProtect comes out in the top ten on most home warranty review websites.

One issue with TotalProtect is that it’s not available in all 50 states. They also operate under 40 different company names in different states. This can get confusing, to say the least.

How Does TotalProtect Work?

TotalProtect’s website is set up to get you hooked up with the home warranty plan that’s best for your needs. You can look over the details of each of their plans then decide which one you want. You sign up through the website and can manage your account from there.

Once you pay your initial premium, you’ll have a 15- to-30-day review waiting period (the information varies by location) before your policy is active. Once your policy becomes active, your coverage is in effect under the plan you’ve chosen.

When an issue arises, a call to TotalProtect’s repair hotline sets things in motion. A repair technician will get in touch with you, generally within a day or two, to set up an appointment for repairs to take place. The technician comes out, diagnoses the problem and if the work or replacement needed is a covered appliance or system, the problem is taken care of.

What Makes TotalProtect Stand Out?

When doing homework on TotalProtect, one of the first things that grabs the attention is the guarantee for appliance repair work done by the technicians sent to your home. This is not something found in many home warranty plans. Also, TotalProtect has a straightforward, economically priced fee structure for its three coverage plans.

Another point that sets TotalProtect apart is the more balanced selection of online reviews. The customer reviews are just about equal for positives and negatives, with a good dose of neutrals thrown in. Most negative reviews point toward service issues with contractors more than difficulties with TotalProtect itself.

Common Reviews of TotalProtect

TotalProtect is generally considered one of the better rated home warranty companies. They have been in business for nearly four decades; that says something about the company’s dependability. Most of the reviews found for TotalProtect also lean to positive for the services provided.

Frequently used words and phrases in reviews include “quality work” and “professional” and “amazing job.”

One customer related her experience with a water leak over the weekend. She called TotalProtect and happily reports resolution of the problem in a timely, professional manner. She related that the service technician who came to her home was very “nice, quick and did a great job in an emergency.”

Another customer made an important point that is good for potential customers to know: he states that he’s been a customer of TotalProtect for about seven years, and his deductibles have not increased in that time.

But all is not a bed of roses for TotalProtect. Negative reviews cite problems with technicians misdiagnosing problems that ended up costing the customer extra money to get corrected. One woman related that TotalProtect’s technician diagnosed a leak in a wall, quoting a cost of $275 to fix. She had a “handyman” look at it, and the only problem was the toilet needed a new wax ring. She’s been unable to get any refund from TotalProtect for the money she spent.

Another complained about having to wait a week for a replacement water heater. Rather than buy a replacement locally, the technician ordered a new one and delivery became a factor.

Many of the negative reviews for TotalProtect deal more with the on-location service by technicians. Very few reviews point to negative interactions with customer service or phone contact from TotalProtect representatives.

Is TotalProtect for Me?

If you are looking for a home warranty policy to supplement your homeowners’ insurance, TotalProtect is consistently found among the higher rated companies in the industry. It’s pricing structure is simple and easy to understand, and it seems to offer comprehensive coverage that is comparable to its competitors.

As with any service provided under terms of a contract, it is imperative that you read the fine print before agreeing to purchase the service. TotalProtect does have a degree of clarity in its contracts that is refreshing but you still need to make absolutely certain that you understand what you’re purchasing.

The bottom line is this: do you need a home warranty policy? If yes, TotalProtect is a better choice than many.

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