Why You Should Make Social Media Monitoring Part of Your Parental Controls

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No matter how old your children may be, finding ways to keep track of their activity online is vital to their safety. Indeed, now in an age in which unsavory characters of all kinds may have direct access to your kids, tracking their time on the internet is one of the best ways to ward off potential offenders. That said, the following is a short list of reasons to consider making social media monitoring part of your parental controls.

Inappropriate Content

No matter how mature you may believe your child or children to be, according to one of the most well-known manufacturer of parental control software, Net Nanny, asserts that up to 82% of the material they are exposed to under the age of 11 is inappropriate. Especially in the case of social media, which they can be exposed to content being posted by millions of people in an instant, it can be especially hard to try and filter through these posts. Therefore, if you want to protect your kids, you will either need to keep them offline entirely or install parental controls to keep them from being subjected to an abundance of inappropriate content.

Protect Private Information

On the flip side, no matter how old your child is, issues such as identity theft can occur at any age. In the case of social media, many unsavory characters take to these sites in search of easy targets such as young children. Rather than simply hoping and wishing no one gets a hold of your child’s information, by installing software such as Norton Parental Controls, you can protect your child’s personal info, track their activity, and more.

Locator Services

Lastly, one of the best reasons to include social media monitoring is that it gives your children access to people all over the planet. Although no parent can imagine their child being convinced to leave the home and meet up with a stranger from social media, things like this happen more than we like to admit. Luckily, software options such as Kaspersky Safe Kids can help you keep an eye on your child’s location, helps you manage the overall time spent online, and much more.

Overall, although we like to believe we have taught our kids well enough, children are impressionable and can be easily coerced into any number of online tricks and traps. By using parental controls to monitor their social media pages, you are doing your due diligence with regards to helping keep your kids safe while online and especially on social media.

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