Adidas Crazy Explosive Shoe Review

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How Does the Adidas Crazy Explosive Work?

With some basketball shoes, you really have to break them in for comfort while playing. Others require esoteric lacing techniques and a lot of trial and error to get a good fit. With the Crazy Explosive, it’s a really simple, easy on and go. You put on the shoes, lace them up and start playing. The break-in period is minimal, and you’ll feel the spring from the moment you start to dribble. The added support from the TPU outsole improves lateral movement and stability. The one area where you might want to reach for an external product is for ankle support. There isn’t much in the shoe, so an ankle brace might be a needed add-on.

What Makes the Adidas Crazy Explosive Stand Out?

Several things make the Crazy Explosive one of the top basketball shoes on the market. Serious cushion makes them comfortable on even the most demanding moves across the court. The full sole Boost system gives a lot of added spring at the heel and just enough at the forefoot to minimize discomfort. The coral-patterned traction design offers serious stopping power, even on a dusty or dirty court. The wide spaces help you keep your footing through repeated plays. You won’t need to stop and wipe them every few minutes to keep playing hard.

Common Reviews of Adidas Crazy Explosive

Reviewers often talk about the traction of the Crazy Explosive and the sheer comfort of wearing the shoe. After all, the near-instant break-in time means that these shoes are one of the few pairs on the market that are pretty much wear and go. Not only do these shoes score well from review sites, they also have a solid rating from buyers. With five out of five stars on retail sites, it’s easy to see that the Crazy Explosive is a top contender as one of the best basketball shoes on the market.

Is Adidas Crazy Explosive for Me?

Basketball lovers consistently rank the Crazy Explosive as a top shoe for on the court. If you enjoy playing the game and spend hours on the court, the Crazy Explosive is a sure shoe to try. However, it isn’t the most durable option out there, so if you enjoy playing on outdoor courts, you’ll want to find a different shoe. On indoor courts, the Crazy Explosive outperforms a lot of the competition. If you want a shoe that tops out on performance and you’re prepared to replace it regularly, the Crazy Explosive might the shoe for you. If you need something that will last a bit longer, you’ll want to try some more durable options.

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