Nike KD 9 Shoe Review

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How Does the Nike KD 9 Work?

Like any good basketball shoe, the KD 9 is fairly easy to fit, though it doesn’t run entirely true to size. You might need to size down a half size for the best fit. Once you have the right size, you can ensure a solid lockdown with plenty of lace loops to give you customization. Once the shoe is on, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. The articulated cushioning in this shoe makes it a supremely comfortable option during a game. Combine that with great traction when clean, and you’ve got a shoe that will give you great court feel and performance.

What Makes the Nike KD 9 Stand Out?

If you’re looking for one feature that really makes the KD 9 unique, it’s all in the cushioning. A full Zoom sole gives serious bounce during any motion, with little to no need to wait for the shoe to reset before starting your next motion. Because the sole is articulated, the air pockets for the heel and midsole are separate from the air pocket that supports the ball of your foot. That separation gives you unparalleled mobility in any direction. The only thing to watch for is support during lateral movements. There isn’t any reinforcement on the sides of the shoe to help keep you solid on the footbed. That added spring from the Zoom sole could cause you to slip off the base of the shoe. Something to keep in mind during a quick turn.

Common Reviews of the Nike KD 9

KD 9 reviews usually start by talking up the cushioning. After all, what’s not to like about an industry-leading design that doesn’t quit? However, the shoe also gets an honorable mention for solid traction control and a great choice on the materials. Consumers (the people actually buying and using the shoes) also give them high ratings. On retail sites, you’ll often see four stars or better.

Is the Nike KD 9 for Me?

The KD 9 is great for smaller players, guards and anyone who doesn’t need a lot of support while on the court. The dual zone air pockets make transitions from heel to toe quick and seamless, but larger players may have trouble with stability. The Flyknit upper is a great choice for mobility, but it doesn’t add stability in the same way that a TPU-reinforced sole does. The lack of an outrigger also plays a role in the reduced stability that is part of the KD 9 design. The incredible traction and cushioning make up for these defects for players who don’t need the added stability.

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