Nike Kobe A.D. Shoe Review

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How Does the Nike Kobe A.D. Work?

The Nike Kobe A.D. is designed to combine lightweight materials and breathability in a responsive and durable basketball court shoe. The materials used certainly make this a durable shoe, but the stiffness of the materials also work against it in actual performance tests. Issues with the protruding outrigger on the front sole cause multiple complaints from players that use a lot of lateral motions. The stiff reinforcement along the sides can cause blisters. When the traction works, it works very well, and the stiff mesh rapidly softens with use to give you an upper that you can barely feel.

What Makes the Nike Kobe A.D. Stand Out?

Two areas where the Kobe A.D. really shines are in traction and fit. When the traction design, which combines both grippy nubs and a traction pattern in the rear, is clean and on a clean court, this shoe will glue your foot to the floor. The only downside is that the soles quickly pick up dirt, particularly with the translucent rubber. For the best grip, go with a Kobe A.D. that has a solid rubber outsole.

For fit, the heel is so good that it often gets a positive mention, even when users are complaining about everything else. Those who usually wear wides might need to go up a half size, but the deep heel cup will help deal with any extra length.

Common Reviews of the Nike Kobe A.D.

When looking at reviews for the Kobe A.D., you’ll find that it consistently scores best in fit and traction. For cushioning, materials and support, it is a shoe that many reviewers would leave on the bench. Professional reviewers aren’t the only ones to call this shoe purchase into question. When you look at retail sites, it routinely scores less than 4 stars, which would be more forgivable if it was combined with a budget price tag.

Is the Nike Kobe A.D. for me?

The best way to know if a basketball shoe will work for you is through trial and error. A shoe that works beautifully for one person might leave someone else tripping over the court. If you have had good luck with other Kobe shoes, you might want to give this one a try. Not only does it have better traction than a lot of other options, it also offers a great fit and a supremely comfortable upper once it’s broken in. If durability is at the top of your list for a basketball shoe, then the Nike Kobe A.D. could be a solid addition to your court lineup.

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