Nike PG1 Shoe Review

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How Does the Nike PG1 Work?

The Nike PG1 is a basketball shoe that emphasizes performance and fit. While the materials used in construction are not the top of the list, they are solid options to create a fully usable shoe. The Zoom Air pocket on the front sole gives you a little spring during tight turns and fast maneuvers. The Phylon in the rest of the shoe provides all of the cushioning you need, without the spring back that can be distracting for those that prefer solid court feel.

What Makes the Nike PG1 Stand Out?

If there’s one area where the Nike PG1 really stands out, it is in the fit. Comfort when using these shoes is on par with some of the top options on the market, all at a much more affordable price point. The shoe fits true to size but a little snug. That means your foot feels cradled on the court, and you have the added ability to adjust the front with a VELCRO®strap. As long as the heel and length fit well, you can always adjust the fit at the front.

Common Reviews of the Nike PG1

Affordable quality are the words you’ll see used again and again when reading reviews of the PG1. It’s not the absolute-best basketball shoe on the market, but it certainly outperforms the competition at the same price point. When buying this entry-level basketball shoe, you get a lot of performance for your dollar. It routinely scores better than 8 out of 10 on review sites and a near five-star rating from retail sites and consumers.

Is the Nike PG1 for Me?

If you enjoy playing basketball and regularly hit the court, the PG1 should definitely be on your list of shoes to try on. A good fit, solid quality and a streamlined appearance make this shoe an option for nearly anyone who stands on the court. If you play a lot on outdoor courts, you might want to go for a different model, but for indoor courts, the Nike PG1 is an excellent choice. Good traction is easy to maintain with few wipe-downs, and it stands up well to all indoor court conditions. For outdoor courts, you might want something a bit more rugged that can stand up to weather and unusual court conditions.

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