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Clarity Money is unique in the world of personal finance management apps. Not only does it include the standard options of account tracking, expense management and budgeting, it also takes proactive steps to help you lower your debt burden.

Using Clarity Money, you can cancel a subscription at the touch of a button, no long wait times on the phone or dealing with delays while waiting for the cancellation to process. Instead, Clarity takes care of it for you.

How Does Clarity Money Work?

Like most personal finance apps, Clarity Money requires you to set up syncing between the app and your financial accounts. Once that is done, you gain access to a wealth of tools designed to help you take control of your spending. You’ll see a variety of reports and charts, giving you a visual of how you currently spend your money and suggestions on ways to save.

You might need to re-sync your account periodically, as financial institutions regularly update their security protocols. So, if your accounts stop syncing, you will need to troubleshoot them before you can continue using all of the Clarity Money features.

What Makes Clarity Money Stand Out?

Bill negotiation and subscription management are the two services that really make Clarity Money unique. By allowing you to quickly and easily cancel subscriptions, Clarity can help you get rid of small bills that can add up to a hefty sum at the end of the year.

They also act as a negotiator to help reduce the cost on monthly services you don’t want to cancel. According to Clarity, telecom is where they have the most success, so you could see your phone bill go down, all without spending a dime.

Common Clarity Money Reviews

Clarity Money is relatively new, so it doesn’t have as many reviews as the competition in this space. The reviews it does have tend to be positive, with the app store showing it at more than 4 stars, with nine ratings on the current version and a total of 748 ratings. Recent updates have met with approval from the marketplace, since the total app rating has improved with the latest release.

Is Clarity Money Right for You?

Before you choose a personal finance app, you might want to ask a few questions:

  1. Do I want to start saving?
  2. Could I use a discount on my monthly bills?
  3. What services do I actually need?

There are many personal finance apps out there, but few offer the complete set of services that come with Clarity Money. If you want to start saving, cutting your expenses is a great way to get there, particularly when it doesn’t mean changing your lifestyle. Other apps might give you savings tips, but Clarity Money can help deliver savings directly.

If you want to find ways to actually lower your costs without cutting services, Clarity Money is a good choice. Of course, it’s only available on iOS, so if you’re an Android user, it might not make sense to switch.

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