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Pet insurance may seem like a silly idea until you have a dog or cat with a serious health condition. Having pet insurance from a company like Embrace can save you thousands of dollars per year. Of course, you hope that your beloved pet never has to have a surgery or emergency treatment. When something unexpected happens, though, you will feel glad that you bought insurance that makes the treatments more affordable.

For many people, buying pet insurance shows that they care about the short-term and long-term health of their pets. Instead of worrying about whether they can afford treatments, they know that they can purchase the veterinary and specialty care that their pets need.

If your pet feels like a true member of your family, then you should consider getting a pet insurance policy. You wouldn’t let other members of your family live without insurance protection.

How Does Embrace Pet Insurance Work?

When you visit Embrace’s website, you can get a policy quote by providing some basic information about your pet (breed, age, preexisting conditions, etc.). You also get to choose how much financial responsibility you will accept for your pet. Setting a higher deductible will lower your monthly premiums, but it also increases the amount of money that you will need to spend before insurance will pay for your pet’s healthcare needs.

If you purchase Wellness Rewards, then you can start using the additional policy to pay for things like immunizations, grooming and other services that insurance companies usually exclude.

If you purchase a regular insurance plan from Embrace, then you don’t have to do anything until your dog or cat needs medical attention. Once your pet receives medical attention that exceeds your annual deductible, you can submit a claim to get reimbursed. The claims process usually takes less than a week.

What Makes Embrace Pet Insurance Stand Out?

Embrace stands out for its strong customer services and willingness to cover services that most pet insurance companies avoid. Wellness Rewards is one of the most comprehensive policy options for pet owners. It’s rare to see a company that covers toenail trimming, anal gland expressions, massage therapy, behavioral training and similar services. Granted, you have to pay extra for Wellness Rewards, but you can get more services when you add the policy.

Embrace’s website stands out as a good way to learn more about your pet insurance options. The website makes it easy to learn more about the coverage Embrace provides. It also has guides to help pet owners understand the health needs of specific dog and cat breeds. After visiting the site, you should have a better idea of what coverage options you want for your pet.

Common Reviews of Embrace Pet Insurance

Most of Embrace’s customers give the pet insurance company stellar reviews. Others say that they did not receive the services that they expected.

The most common complaints focus on preexisting conditions. Embrace, like nearly all pet health insurance companies, will not cover treatments for preexisting conditions. Deciding what qualifies as a preexisting condition can become difficult. Some customers with Embrace insurance policies say that the company will use any preexisting condition to deny unrelated claims. In one instance, a customer complained that Embrace would not pay for her dog’s foot surgery because, a year before, the dog had a bump on its back.

It’s difficult to know whether stories like this say something negative about Embrace. People have close emotional connections to their pets, so they can get angry when an insurer refuses to pay for treatment. Without objective information from a veterinarian, it’s nearly impossible to know whether pet owners tell their stories correctly. It’s also nearly impossible to determine whether health insurance companies try to shirk their responsibilities by denying claims.

Embrace gets a lot of positive reviews for its customer service. The reps who work for Embrace provide helpful information that makes it easier for customers to make decisions.

For every bad story about Embrace denying a claim, you can find two or more stories about how insurance helped save a pet’s life.

Is Embrace Pet Insurance for Me?

Embrace pet insurance is a good option for anyone who wants to avoid the uncertainty of future health problems. No matter what kind of dog or cat you own, you never know when a congenital problem or accident will force you to spend thousands of dollars on medical treatment. Unfortunately, people who don’t have pet insurance may have to choose to let their dogs and cats go instead of paying for life-saving treatments.

Embrace’s prices align closely with those of other pet insurance providers, but you should compare your options to make sure you get a good deal. Remember that you can sign up for Wellness Rewards to take advantage of even more veterinary, behavioral and alternative therapies for your pets.

If you want an affordable plan for your cat or dog, then you should consider buying a policy from Embrace. Its excellent customer services and wide coverage options make it easy for owners to keep their pets healthy without spending ridiculous amounts of money.

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