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Owning a dog or cat with health problems can cost quite a bit of money. If your pet gets in an accident or has a congenital defect, you could spend thousands of dollars at the vet. Pet insurance policies help protect owners from outrageous veterinary bills.

Pet insurance works similarly to health insurance for humans. You purchase a policy, pay a monthly premium, and save money when you need health care services. Since the pet insurance industry isn’t regulated as strictly as the human health insurance industry, you need to pay close attention to which policies you buy. Always research companies and coverage options before you purchase a policy for your dog or cat. The company that you choose could significantly influence the amount of money that you pay and the types of coverage your pet gets.

How Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Work?

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has a straightforward claims process that makes it relatively easy to get payments. After taking your dog or cat to the veterinarian, you can take a picture of the invoice with your smartphone and submit it to Healthy Paws via the company’s mobile app. You can also choose to submit invoices via the company’s website, fax or mail.

It takes about three days for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance to review your claim. After the review takes place, you will receive a message telling you whether the claim has been approved or denied. Assuming that your claim is approved, you will receive a check that covers the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance portion.

Unfortunately, before you can get a Healthy Paws insurance policy, you have to ask for a quote. Healthy Paws uses several factors to determine each policy’s price. This makes it impossible for you to know how much your monthly bill will cost until you receive your quote. Luckily, the company provides instant quotes based on information provided by you and your veterinarian.

What Makes Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Stand Out?

Even though some people complain that Healthy Paws doesn’t offer all the coverage options that they want, the company covers more conditions than many pet health insurance companies do. Few companies will pay for alternative care such as acupuncture, chiropractic therapy and hydrotherapy. Healthy Paws, however, covers these alternative care options with its standard policies.

Healthy Paws also offers excellent customer service. If your claim gets denied, you may not like the answer that the customer service representative gives you. Still, it’s impressive that the company has a customer service center that’s open seven days a week.

Common Reviews of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Happy customers say that the company reimburses claims quickly and offers excellent customer service. Many also say that Healthy Paws has a smoother, simpler claims process than most pet insurance companies. Customers also say that Healthy Paws provides the coverage that it promises. Plenty of insurance buyers worry that their providers won’t honor their advertised coverage. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance seems to keep its word instead of trying to get out of payments.

Healthy Paws also receives positive reviews for its straightforward approach to veterinary care. The company provides a list of conditions that it covers. Healthy Paws also explains why it does not cover services such as annual exams and teeth cleaning. This approach to pet insurance makes it easy for owners to decide whether they want to purchase policies from Healthy Paws. Some companies don’t make it as easy to understand what policies cover. With Healthy Paws, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Although some customers love Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, others have complaints about the services they received from the company. A lot of policy buyers complain that Healthy Paws rejected their claims because of pre-existing conditions. According to some people, Healthy Paws tries to link unrelated health events to pre-existing conditions. Healthy Paws has replied to some of these complaints. The company says that it makes decisions based on information provided by the buyer and the veterinarian. For instance, if your veterinarian reported that your dog had itchy skin at some point before you purchased your policy, Healthy Paws may deny claims that seem connected to that condition. There’s no doubt that pre-existing conditions can frustrate policy owners, but Healthy Paws states that it only covers health conditions that appear after you purchase your pet’s policy.

Some people also write complaints about how Healthy Paws prioritizes accidents over long-term wellness. Healthy Paws may not cover the cost of pulling your dog’s tooth after the veterinarian recommends it. If your dog needs dental care because of an accident, though, Healthy Paws will pay for the service. To some people, this seems like a bad approach to health care because they want to emphasize everyday health instead of emergency treatments.

Is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for Me?

Healthy Paws is a great pet insurance option for people who want to make sure that their pets have coverage for most illnesses and accidents. Understand, however, that you will not get coverage for wellness visits, including annual exams and teeth cleaning. Some companies do offer this level of coverage, but you will have to pay a higher price for it.

Overall, Healthy Paws is a good choice for pet owners who want affordable policies that help them avoid the high cost of treatment for emergencies and chronic conditions.

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