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It may not cost much money to get a cat or dog at your local shelter, but medical expenses for the animal can become unaffordable after a few years. A puppy that seems perfectly healthy may develop a chronic condition that requires ongoing veterinary services. It doesn’t take long for the bills to pile up. Suddenly, that inexpensive pet becomes a significant financial burden.

Pet health insurance makes it easier for families to afford medical treatments for their furry friends. Buying insurance could literally mean the difference between having a pet euthanized and getting treatment that improves the animal’s life.

PetPlan offers a variety of policies that you can use to make veterinary treatments more affordable. The company got its start in the United Kingdom in 1986. In 2003, PetPlan came to the United States. While it isn’t the oldest pet insurance company in the U.S., it has an excellent reputation for giving customers affordable services so they can extend the lives of their pets.

How Does PetPlan Insurance Work?

To sign up for PetPlan insurance, you must visit the website to explore your coverage options and get a price quote. The deductible that you choose will influence your policy’s price. Once you have your quote and policy details, you can compare them to services offered by other pet insurance companies.

Once you reach your pet’s deductible, you can file claims to get reimbursed for a portion of the animal’s treatments, medications and other services. PetPlan makes it easy for you to file a claim. You can use the PetPlan iOS or Android app to file your claims immediately via your smartphone. You can also print out a pre-filled form from the website, complete the document and submit it via fax, email or mail.

In most cases, PetPlan will review your claim within a week. Once the claim has been approved, the company will reimburse you for a portion of your veterinary bill. The amount that you get reimbursed depends on the plan you choose.

What Makes PetPlan Insurance Stand Out?

Once you get a PetPlan insurance policy for one of your pets, the company will never cancel it. As long as you continue paying your premiums, PetPlan will honor the policy. A lot of companies insist on dropping coverage once dogs and cats reach certain ages. After all, the insurance companies don’t want to pay for ailments associated with old age. PetPlan guarantees that your pet can get lifetime coverage, which can feel like a blessing as your dog or cat enters its later stages of life.

Common Reviews of PetPlan Insurance

PetPlan receives predominantly positive reviews. Happy customers comment on how easy the claims process is and how quickly they get reimbursed for vet services. Many of the positive reviews come from people who are relieved that PetPlan helped them save hundreds or thousands of dollars during a difficult time in their lives. When a pet becomes suddenly ill, you don’t want to think about how you can afford to pay for veterinary services. PetPlan puts that worry at ease so you can focus on helping your dog or cat get better.

Of course, PetPlan also gets some negative reviews. Recently, large numbers of customers have complained that the company raised its prices. Even though many of these people liked the coverage that they got from PetPlan, they felt that the price had become too high.

A couple of people also blame PetPlan for denying reasonable claims. In one instance, a customer claims that PetPlan rejected a claim, citing a preexisting condition. According to the reviewer, his cat did not have a preexisting condition. Instead, it had experienced a period of vomiting because of a food allergy. Although the recent illness had nothing to do with food allergies, the company still refused to pay for the cat’s treatment.

It’s difficult to know what happens in situations like this. Understandably, pet owners get upset when they feel mistreated. On the other hand, it’s impossible to know whether PetPlan made the right decision without seeing the animal’s records.

Given that most reviews point to PetPlan’s positive traits, it seems safe to say that the company cares about its customers and the animals it serves.

Is PetPlan Insurance for Me?

PetPlan is a good option for pet owners who want to protect themselves from the high costs of treating illnesses and accidents. It does not cover wellness services such as teeth cleaning and annual exams. If you want a policy that covers everyday services, then you should look elsewhere.

With PetPlan, though, you get a reliable company that has more than a decade of experience. Visit the website and get a quote before you decide whether you want to purchase a plan. You should always compare prices and coverage options from several companies before making a commitment.

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