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Pinhole Press opened in 2011, so it has less experience than many of the companies that let you create photo books online. Just because it’s new, though, doesn’t mean that Pinhole Press offers a sub-par product. In fact, Pinhole receives a lot of praise for using high-quality materials and focusing on print quality.

Since Pinhole Press charges higher prices than most publishers, you should learn more about the company before you commit to a photo book. If you want a book that will stand the test of time, though, Pinhole Press is usually the right choice.

How Does Pinhole Press Photo Books Work?

Pinhole Press makes it relatively easy for you to create attractive photo books. You start by deciding what type of book format you want to use. Most people choose lay flat, hardcover, softcover or brag books.

Once you know the general type of book you want to make, you need to choose a template that matches your needs. Make sure you choose an option that can accommodate the number of pictures you plan to include. Some templates have as little as 18 pages, while others have room for 100 pages.

After you choose the specific book layout that you want, you get to choose colors to personalize the project. The available colors vary from layout to layout. In most cases, you choose from at least half a dozen colors. The colors will appear on the cover and certain pages inside your book. As long as you choose a color that you like, you won’t have any problems.

Finally, you have to add your photos to Pinhole Press’s product designer. You can upload images from your computer to the site. You can also get images from your Instagram account.

The design software shows you where to place your photos to give your book an attractive layout. You just have to decide what order the pictures will appeal in.

Once you make your photo book, submit your order with Pinhole Press. You can expect to receive your photo book in about a week. If you order from outside of the United States, shipping can take significantly longer.

What Makes Pinhole Press Photo Books Stand Out?

Most photo book publishers only offer a few size and layout options. These companies typically appeal to general consumers, so they don’t need to provide a wide variety to keep people interested.

Pinhole Press takes a different route. The company emphasizes the importance of quality, so it gives you more options. The additional quality also means that you will pay a higher price when you use Pinhole Press instead of cheaper companies that don’t worry as much about quality and variety.

It’s nice to see a company putting quality ahead of cost. Although some people will avoid Pinhole Press because of its higher prices, other shoppers will appreciate the value of quality paper, cover materials and printing.

Common Reviews of Pinhole Press Photo Books

Pinhole Press gets rave reviews for its photo book publishing. Reviewers love that the company dedicates itself to using high-quality materials and printing services. Repeat customers appreciate that they can reorder books without taking time to redesign their projects. Since Pinhole Press stores your information, you can reorder copies whenever you like.

Although most people love photo books from Pinhole Press, the company does receive some negative comments that you should think about before spending your money.

Some people complain that Pinhole Press doesn’t meet delivery deadlines. Most of these complaints come from people who live outside of the United States. If you plan to order a photo book from an American company, then you should expect delivery delays. Pinhole Press doesn’t have any control over its packages once they leave the warehouse. Your photo book could get held up at customs or other points along its journey to you. Receiving late packages can make you feel frustrated, especially when you plan to give the photo books away as presents. Make sure you give the mail system plenty of time to deliver your order.

A very small number of people say that Pinhole Press doesn’t use high-quality paper. While it’s always possible that Pinhole Press made mistakes on some books, the vast majority of reviewers say that the company uses excellent paper.

In some cases, you get to choose what type of paper Pinhole Press uses to make your photo book. Don’t make this decision arbitrarily. Some of the photo book customers who complain about poor quality may have chosen the wrong type of paper for their projects. Considering that nicer paper costs more money, you may feel tempted to choose the cheaper option. Know that this will affect the quality of your photo book.

Overall, people who use Pinhole Press to publish their photo books love the services and products. The company gets a lot of repeat business from satisfied customers who don’t want to take chances using other publishers. You will find a few bad reviews about Pinhole Press online. They’re greatly outweighed by the number of positive reviews.

Is Pinhole Press Photo Books for Me?

Pinhole Press makes terrific photo books, but it isn’t the perfect option for everyone. If you want a simple, no-frills book that doesn’t cost much money, then you can find publishers that will meet your needs better.

If you want professional quality, simple software and plenty of printing options, though, you won’t find a better publisher than Pinhole Press. By choosing Pinhole, you will spend more money than people who choose cheaper publishers. This is one of those situations where you get what you pay for. If you want a spectacular photo book, then you will need to spend a little more.

Pinhole Press is also the perfect option for people who want to publish brag books. Brag books are inexpensive and don’t require many pictures. You can put one together in a few minutes. They make good gifts, or you can leave one sitting one your coffee table for guests to browse.

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