The Most Popular Holidays for Ordering Pizza

Every year, there are certain holiday celebrations that each person awaits impatiently. For many, a large component of these festivities is the cooking and it’s often a large endeavor. Since the holiday is an out-of-the-ordinary affair, the food is often made special, as well, in the form of a unforgettable feast. Sometimes, however, people like to keep it simple by ordering a quick meal instead, and we grew curious to see during which holidays this is most prevalent. Specifically, we decided to focus on an American favorite — pizza!

To uncover the most popular holidays for pizza, we dug into Google search interest data to compare search volume across the country by date. We analyzed the numbers for multiple terms related to ordering pizza in order to capture all relevant search volume. With this data, we were then able to create a ranking of holidays based on search interest.



Christmas ranked #1 above any other holiday with a search interest score of 96. Interestingly, New Year’s ranked last at #10 even though it’s only around a week after Christmas. Perhaps Americans tend to get their pizza fix at Christmas and don’t feel the craving again the following week!

Other holidays in the top three include the 4th of July and Memorial Day. Both of these have patriotic themes, which tend to coincide with a classic American meal on a grill. It’s possible that American preferences are starting to shift towards pizza over hot dogs and burgers.

Below is the full list of the top 10 holidays for ordering pizza with their search interest scores:

  1. Christmas — 96
  2. Independence Day — 93
  3. Memorial Day — 83
  4. Halloween — 81
  5. Father’s Day — 80
  6. St. Patrick’s Day — 78
  7. Thanksgiving — 75
  8. Labor Day — 75
  9. Mother’s Day — 72
  10. New Year’s — 71

Have you opted to order pizza on a holiday instead of cooking? Was it featured in our top 10? Tell us more in the comments below.

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