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Most describe BigCommerce as one of the easiest admins to use, and it comes with features that fit the needs of most merchants. The theme templates offered are professional grade. BigCommerce packs a variety of powerful features into a single all-in-one platform. It comes with built-in tools for professional hosting. It also includes payment integration features, advanced marketing tools, and secure transactions for you and your customers.

BigCommerce offers a platform that gives merchants all the tools and functionality they need to set up an online store, manage store inventory, process orders, and maintain the store through updates and promotions. It offers a variety of templates right out of the box, with themes divided into categories ranging from trending fashion and craft stores to sports or gaming-themed stores. You can optimize your store through the customization features for a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Payment gateways utilized by BigCommerce charge transaction fees for those using their credit cards for payment, but BigCommerce itself charges no transaction fees. Online or offline payments are possible. PayPal integration into BigCommerce means accepting online credit card payments. You can also utilize 2Checkout, and others.

How Does BigCommerce Work?

BigCommerce is one of the easiest-to-use online store builders. It is user-friendly with a very intuitive interface. It is easy to use for online store builders who are small-business owners, not website designers. It comes with a full set of reporting tools regardless of the plan you choose, unlike many of its competitors.

BigCommerce sends emails automatically to visitors who abandon their carts. The abandoned cart saver tool that BigCommerce offers is more comprehensive than similar features offered by its competitors. There is a wide range of discounting and coupon code generators offered in the initial setup. Coupon codes give options for fixed amount discounts, percentage adjustments and free shipping options. You can set an expiration date for each offer.

BigCommerce come with a built-in blog tool. This is an important feature because it allows merchants to use inbound marketing techniques directly from their stores without the need for a third-party tool such as WordPress. There’s no need to set up a subdomain for a blog.

What Makes BigCommerce Stand Out?

BigCommerce comes with product review functionality built-in. Its features for marketing are strong, and the platform’s approach to SEO is straightforward and strong. It is easy to use several leading e-newsletter services with BigCommerce.

Because BigCommerce has a preferential agreement with Braintree, you can use PayPal for card transactions. This allows you to take advantage of the cheaper-than-usual PayPal card transaction fees.

Common Reviews of BigCommerce

Most who use BigCommerce report they are happy with the results they get from the platform. They characterize BigCommerce as a solid tool for creating an online store. The volume of options is sometimes described as a bit overwhelming.

BigCommerce offers flexibility in product management, and you can handle and update inventory as needed. It allows for images and videos to showcase your products, but the display arrangement depends on the template you use. You can create variants, but doing so can be a bit complicated.

BigCommerce allows the selling of digital products. Store owners can limit the downloads and set an expiration date for the download link. This is a frequently listed positive for BigCommerce.

As a negative point, BigCommerce is often cited for the limits it places on annual online sales. If you exceed your set limit, you’ll need to upgrade your monthly plan. The starter plan is on the high side when compared to its competitors, but it offers more entry-level features than many other leading e-commerce providers.

Is BigCommerce For Me?

BigCommerce provides a nice selection of features with its startup plans and offers a good deal of flexibility for building an online store. It is suitable for just about any e-commerce project, from small businesses to large. There is a steep learning curve in using the platform, so take that into consideration when selecting your e-commerce solution.

If your business is growing fast and you want to operate at scale, BigCommerce may be the platform you’re looking for. Its features are good in terms of handling your orders, products and customers. It features above-average marketing tools and analytics. The platform holds hundreds or thousands of products in a database. The goal is to make your everyday work as hassle-free as possible, and it succeeds here.

If you’re just starting out and plan to sell a small selection of products, there are easier platforms and better alternatives out there. Before deciding, be sure to consider your future expectations and estimates of growth over a year’s time.

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