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If all you look at are X-cart’s features, it seems like a fairly good idea. It has functionality and customizability – if you have PHP experience. It can handle a growing business. Then you look at the pricing.

Not only is their pricing structure confusing, in order to keep your website up to date and compliant with ever-changing industry standards, you have to purchase the annual subscription. That means an outlay each year of approximately 20 percent to 50 percent of the amount you paid for the platform in the beginning.

Because X-cart is self-hosted, you’ll also have to make certain your site is PCI compliant. Accepting payments via a PCI-compliant payment processor is one way to do this. Or, you can use PA-DSS certified software if you want to accept credit card numbers directly through your website.

How Does X-cart Work?

The features available through X-cart are almost overwhelming. The admin is one of the most intuitive on the market, so that helps. A few things you can do through the admin include order management, accounting integrations with QuickBooks or Xero and marketplace integration with eBay. You can push your products to other marketplaces using X-cart’s bulk export features.

With the mobile admin, you can manage your store online from your mobile device. You can use X-cart’s mobile responsive template to make your store mobile-friendly or use a service such as Shopgate. With the mobile point-of-sale feature, you can accept payments on the go.

X-cart lets your track inventory by variants so you never sell a product you don’t have. You can track your best-sellers and get low stock alerts. You can sell digital products through X-cart. You can also offer cloud search with a site-wide search engine.

You can set up your own unique account or sign in through social media such as Facebook and Google Plus. Your customers can also purchase as a guest if they choose not to open their own accounts.

What Makes X-cart Stand Out?

One of the more interesting features about X-cart is its auction feature. You can allow your customers to bid on select items. You can also display your products using unlimited product images that include smart zoom and X-cart’s own thumbnail generator.

The global selling feature lets you set your site to display in different languages and currencies. You can also offer auto-calculate for shipping costs and totals, all displayed in the currency you select.

X-cart offers the usual abandoned cart reminders. It also includes a loyalty program that awards customers for their patronage. You can set exit-intent pop-ups if you choose and offer discounts on specific categories. You can also offer volume discounts.

You can use Google Analytics, Cloud Search, Yandex.Metrix, Diib and MailChimp analytics to view your site reports.

Common Reviews of X-cart

One of the most frequently touted features of X-cart is the users’ ability to make changes to their stores’ capabilities. Many express gratitude that their online platform doesn’t limit their business plans. There are also positive marks for X-cart’s scalability. Those who have used the service for years say they’ve been able to alter their platforms as their companies grow.

X-cart’s dashboard gets mentioned for its ease of use. The drag-and-drop theme editor is a favorite feature. Some who’ve tried other platforms point out that X-cart is just as easy to use as other fully hosted, cloud-based solution systems.

Because X-cart is self-hosted, you’re on your own for maintaining your site’s security. You have to buy your own SSL certificate, which starts at $89.95/year.

The limited customer support, and the extra fee for it, is a big negative for X-cart. Also not so popular are the theme templates X-cart offers. Although they are fully responsive on mobile devices, they are not described as up-to-date or trendy.

Is X-cart for Me?

X-cart’s technological level is up there, which gives you access to some of the more state-of-the-art shopping cart technology for your small business. The company has an experienced team of developers, web designers and technical engineers that can be very helpful. The only problem is you must purchase a subscription to gain access to them.

If your business is large or rapidly growing on a global scale, X-cart is probably going to be one of the best choices out there for you. It could be well worth the costs if your business is expanding around the globe at a rapid rate. If you’re just getting started with your online store, you’d probably do better to look elsewhere for a software platform.

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