HBO Now Review

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How Does HBO Now Work?

The HBO Now app is easy to use. Consumers can easily download the app from the app store on their mobile phone, tablet, smart TV or other streaming device. Consumers who plan to stream HBO Now through their laptops or desktop computers do not have to download the app but can go directly to the HBO Now website. While downloading the HBO Now app is free, viewers need to subscribe to the HBO service in order to have access. This can be done through the HBO Now app or at the HBO Now website.

What Makes HBO Now Stand Out?

One of the main things that make the HBO Now app stand out is the huge number of original content shows that can only be viewed through HBO. In addition, with this app, consumers have access to premium HBO content without needing a cable subscription, which, up to this point, was not possible. HBO programming also includes many top-rated movies sooner than most other streaming services. Many movies are available for viewing at the same time or shortly after the movie is released to the public on DVD. Viewers can watch an unlimited number of movies, original shows, documentaries, sports events, talk shows and kid’s shows throughout the month. Since the HBO Now app is compatible with many devices, including computers, smart TVs, and mobile devices, viewers can watch HBO anywhere they have internet services.

Common Reviews of HBO Now

Most people who have the HBO Now app are very pleased with the service. While some people complain about slow streaming issues, this likely has more to do with the speed of their internet connection than the HBO Now app services. The most common benefit reviewers comment on is the vast amount of quality movies and HBO original content that is available through the HBO Now app.

Is HBO Now for Me?

HBO Now is ideal for people who enjoy watching TV shows, original shows that can’t be seen anywhere else, sporting events, stand-up comedy and top-rated movies. It can be an alternative option for people who enjoy going to the movie theater or those who frequently purchase or rent DVD movies. Even those who subscribe to other movie-streaming services will like HBO because of its original content.

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