Hulu Review

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Hulu is the best streaming service for those who want an affordable way to stream current seasons of their favorite TV shows. While not every network maintains streaming contracts with Hulu, many of television’s most popular channels are available through Hulu. This combined with its low price makes Hulu a great overall choice for most people interested in signing up for a streaming service. 

How Does Hulu Work?

When you first sign up for Hulu, you’ll get a free trial ranging from 7 to 45 days, depending on what promotional offer is available at the time of registration. You’ll fill out a form with some personal information and get started by setting up user profiles for anyone that will be using your account. 

Once you do this, you’ll be able to make a Watchlist of shows that you want to watch. When new episodes of your favorite shows become available, they will automatically be added to your Watchlist. To find new shows, you can search for them by name in the search bar or scroll through Hulu’s recommendations based on your other selections.

What Makes Hulu Stand Out?

Hulu stands out as an industry leader because of its low price, ease of use and wide range of available content. If you’re interested in completely canceling your cable plan, Hulu is your best option because you’ll still have access to the recent shows you love. 

Additionally, Hulu consistently works to improve its offerings. In 2017, it launched its Live TV service for users who want to watch TV as it airs at a much more competitive price point than cable TV can offer. The company continually works on its interface based on what users say. 

Common Reviews of Hulu

Generally, Hulu is considered one of the best streaming apps available. In the majority of online reviews, Hulu is among the top three streaming services available, if not the best of them all. 

Customer reviews offer similar praise. In review websites that track both positive and negative feedback, Hulu often receives four out of five-star reviews. While most reviews discuss the price, large on-demand library and features, some of the negative reviews mention that the library is limited and does not include the most popular of movies.

Is Hulu for me? 

If you’re wondering if Hulu is the right streaming app for your needs, you must determine what kind of content you want to stream. If you’re looking for a balance of current programming and a large on-demand library, Hulu is the best streaming service for you. However, Hulu doesn’t provide access to every available show. Use the trial period to see if the shows you watch are on Hulu before you make your decision.

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