Netflix Review

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Netflix is one of the oldest and most popular streaming services around. This company largely pioneered the streaming genre, starting with its on-demand mail-based DVD service that revolutionized how users access their favorite TV shows and movies from home. Netflix is available at a great price, with a 30-day trial offer so you’ll know if it’s a good fit. For these reasons and more, Netflix will remain an industry leader in streaming services worthy of consideration for new streaming users.

How Does Netflix Work?

When you first join Netflix, you’ll be asked for some personal and billing information, as well as which plan you’d like to sign up for. A vast majority of users will sign up for the least expensive Basic plan that costs $7.99. While HD and Ultra HD are available for an additional monthly charge, you’ll only be able to access it where it’s available. Always make sure you can access HD if you sign up for the more expensive plans.

You’ll create users for your Netflix account. Ideally, you’ll have a separate one from family members, so that Netflix will be able to make accurate recommendations for you. A separate kids-only version of Netflix will limit your kids’ access to inappropriate material.

Next, you’ll be asked to rate a bunch of movies. If you haven’t seen the movie or TV show, you may be asked to put the show into your queue to watch later. This process educates Netflix on what kind of shows you watch and what you don’t like.

What Makes Netflix Stand Out?

Netflix features an exhaustive library of in-demand programming, including full seasons of popular shows. It is one of the true pioneers of binge-watching. Plus, the original programming is gaining such traction that many people sign up just to watch the next season of shows like Orange is the New Black.

Common Reviews of Netflix

Generally, Netflix is considered one of the best streaming service providers in the United States. In the majority of online reviews, Netflix receives a four out of five star rating or higher.

Customer reviews are fairly positive, with some notable areas of concern. While positive reviews praise the price, original programming and user-friendly interface, negative reviews focus on the numerous corporate missteps. For instance, users left many extremely negative reviews when Netflix considered raising its prices.

Is Netflix for You?

Netflix is the perfect streaming service if you want to binge watch full seasons of popular TV shows. It is also great for families who want to limit children’s access to adult programs. If you want to watch popular original programs like Orange is the New Black, know that it’s the only option you can choose.

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