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The Best Way to Print Your Photos for Cheap

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It is now more convenient than ever to take pictures on your phone and have them with you at all times. However, this can still create issues for people who need to print physical copies of the photos, as until recently there were few reliable, convenient, and cost effective ways to do so. Here are a few ideas about cheap photo printing to help solve this problem.

Today, there are actually more efficient and better ways to go through this process than through a retail photo center.

The old fashioned way

One option is to send the photos from your phone to a photo developer at a drug store just like people used to do with rolls of film years ago to have them developed. As one example, Walgreens now allows people to upload their photos and order books that are comparable in price to many other online services.

Having the photos published together in a book is the preferred option for most people now. These books stay together to avoid losing prints and they end to be more durable than stacks of individual pictures that easily get wet or damages. Books are also space savers, because they are easier to store on a shelf or in other places. And, it’s quick and easy to put a photo book together. The companies below offer photo books and other products, as well.


This is a service that offers a variety of options for your pictures. You can have them publish your photos in a personalized photo book, and there are other options such as custom calendars, mugs, t-shirts, and almost any other format you can imagine. The photo books range from about $10 all the way up to $50 depending on the size and volume of pictures you need printed.


Shutterfly is one of the most well known services for photo printing. They offer traditional prints, as well as various kinds of photo books with custom text. Shutterfly also allows people to put their images on greeting cards, stationary, and other gifts. The prices are affordable, but they can vary greatly depending on the particular format you want to order.


Blurb is essentially like a book publishing service for your pictures. Their custom “layflat” photo books come in several sizes all with traditional binding that makes them look like actual books and fit onto a shelf. Most of these photo books range from $30 to $60.


As the name implies, Mixbook creates custom books and other home décor that can be made out of your prints. The prices are comparable to the other services mentioned and they offer a satisfaction guarantee and numerous discounts throughout the year.

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