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Lingo offers all the standards associated with a home phone VoIP service with a couple of minor extras. The price is very reasonable with respect to the industry standard and — with the exception of the minutes limitation — the Lingo Essentials plan is not a great deal different than the Lingo Unlimited plans. The biggest difference between Lingo and other quality VoIP service providers is the international plan. It is unlimited once the low monthly rate is paid. The no-contract options also set Lingo apart from other home phone VoIP service providers.

How Does Lingo Work?

Once you decide on the plan you want, you receive the Lingo Adaptor in the mail. Connect the adapter to your internet router and your home phone to the adapter and you are ready to begin making phone calls. Once the home phone is set up, you can connect it to your iPhone or Android via the Lingo App.

Dialing nationwide is as simple as entering the area code and pressing the send button. Calling internationally is no more difficult. You simply add the country code plus the area code and the seven or eight digit number.

What Makes Lingo Stand Out?

What makes Lingo different than other home phone VoIP service providers is the fact that both the basic and premium plans are available without a contract. While you pay a little more for the Lingo Unlimited No-Contract plan, you can rest assured that anytime you are not satisfied with the service, you can stop using it.

While there are home phone VoIP service providers who allow you to sign up for the basic plan without a year-long contract, almost no others allow you to take advantage of their premium services without signing up long-term.

Another component of Lingo that sets it apart is the international plan. It is simple and affordable. Pay $9.95 a month and call anywhere in the world and talk for an unlimited amount of time.

Common Reviews of Lingo

Almost everyone who reviews Lingo gives the company props for being a pioneer in the VoIP home phone industry. However, most reviews are average at best and ugly in more than a few cases. The biggest complaints are outdated and unintuitive interfaces as well as average to poor call quality and voice clarity.

Another complaint is the fact that Lingo Essentials only allows for 500 minutes of calls per month. For many people reviewing Lingo, that is a major sticking point.

Is Lingo for me?

Lingo is definitely for you if you are the type of person who wants to test a product before making a long-term commitment. Since you can sign up for the Unlimited plan without signing a long-term contract, you can try Lingo’s best and most attractive features for a couple of months and decide if you are happy with what Lingo has to offer.

Lingo is also for you if you need a home phone VoIP service that allows you to make international calls with unlimited minutes.

But, if you are someone whose internet is spotty or slow, Lingo might not be the home phone VoIP service provider for you. Lingo needs a strong internet connection to provide high quality connections and voice clarity.

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