Phone Power Review

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How Does Phone Power Work?

After you choose one of the three Phone Power payment options — pay in advance, pay per month or pay as you go — Phone Power will send you a free adapter box. Connect your telephone to the box and the box to your router to conclude the setup. You are then ready to make free calls around the nation and use all the features and tools Phone Power provides.

What Makes Phone Power Stand Out?

Phone Power stands out among VoIP providers for two reasons — the number of options with respect to features and tools and the number of options with respect to customer support. In addition, the prices are comparable to any other home telephone plan available as VoIP. Simply put, Phone Power is an all-inclusive home phone service packaged at extremely low rates.

Common Reviews of Phone Power

Despite Phone Power advertising award-winning customer service and providing a number of means for contacting support, many of the complaints about the company pertain to customer support. Some of the more damning are with regard to billing issues and the company “as a whole.” However, for those interested in Phone Power, it is encouraging that very few of the complaints pertain to the actual service itself. Overall, the reviews with respect to the home phone VoIP are very positive.

Is Phone Power Right for Me?

If you are a person looking for a reasonably priced home phone service with special features like more than one line, cheap international rates and compatibility with your Android or iPhone, Phone Power is a very good choice.

It is important to remember to add the cost of your monthly internet bill to the price of the Phone Power Home Phone plan, but even then, the cost of Phone Power is likely to be considerably less than that of comparable service providers.

While there are a number of over-the-internet home phone service providers, most do not offer second lines or fax lines for free, do not feature virtual assistant programs, will not allow you to connect your home phone to more than one line, and do not provide free international calling.

Phone Power is for you if you’re looking for a great deal on a home phone service but aren’t willing to sacrifice all the bells and whistles just to pay a low price.

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