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GoDaddy web hosting is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an easy and affordable way to build and maintain a website. GoDaddy has one of the simplest c-panels to use. Their easy WordPress management is also as simple as it gets. On the other hand, their customer service seems to be hit or miss. For many, however, this is compensated by GoDaddy’s quality products and excellent numbers for uptime and load time.

How Does GoDaddy Hosting Work?

It’s easy to sign up with GoDaddy and start building your website. First, sign up for a GoDaddy account if you don’t already have one. Next, choose which plan is best for you: Economy, Deluxe or Ultimate. From here, you can start building your website or have a web builder from GoDaddy do it for you — for a price, of course. If you already have a WordPress site, it will be easy to add it to your Google account. If you run into any problems, however, they are always available online or by telephone.

What Makes GoDaddy Hosting Stand Out?

GoDaddy is a big company that offer a lot of ways for you to spend your money, but only if you want to. When it comes down to it, GoDaddy is cheap, especially if you have more than one website. As long as you are willing to lock yourself into a long-term relationship with GoDaddy, you stand to save a lot of money on your web hosting bill.

Common Reviews of GoDaddy Hosting

Compared to other web hosting companies, GoDaddy’s customer service seems disjointed, unorganized and designed to confuse you. Out of 44 recent reviews, their customer service was the biggest complaint. One customer complained that he was unable to cancel his subscription no matter how much he tried but GoDaddy kept billing him. Another customer complained that GoDaddy kept telling him his website problems had nothing to do with them and sent him away to purchase expensive Malware software. To be fair, the same site gives GoDaddy five out of six stars for reliability, pricing, user-friendliness, support and features, despite the negative customer service reviews.

On the Consumer Affairs website where people go to complain, there are 413 reviews and GoDaddy scored just over one star out of five. On another site, they score two stars across the board in these categories: user-friendliness, price, reliability and uptime, software, and tech support.

Is GoDaddy Web Hosting for Me?

Choosing a company to put your trust in for hosting your website is a commitment. You typically lock into a contract for a year or more to get a really good introductory rate and invest your time and energy into learning how to use the features associated with the hosting company, like their c-panel. For these reasons, and more, you should consider a few questions before choosing GoDaddy as your hosting partner.

  • Do I want to try out a web hosting company or am I ready to lock into a low introductory rate?
  • Is price more important than customer service or vice versa?
  • How many websites do I want to host?
  • What kind of experience do I want to have with my web hosting company?
  • Am I a beginner or an expert when it comes to building and managing a website?
  • Am I comfortable using advanced features?

There are two GoDaddy kinds of customers: those who love commitment and saving money, and those who would rather test the waters before diving in, so to speak. If you’re not afraid of getting into a partnership with GoDaddy, you can typically lock your introductory rate so low that you won’t even notice it come out of your bank account. This is refreshing news for new business owners. Price is certainly a factor when it comes to choosing a company to host your website, and GoDaddy offers some of the lowest prices in the business.

On the other hand, you can pay month to month to try them out. If you already own a website, wait before transferring everything over. Take some time to get to know the c-panel and play around with the different features. Try out the customer service for yourself. If you’re satisfied, switch over. For those looking to build a new website, you can take the same approach before investing too much time, energy and money into a particular hosting company like GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is a good choice for beginners, too. Their c-panel and easy-to-install apps make it simple and fun for beginners to build a website around an idea, a service or a product. For a more complex site, you can opt for a professional from GoDaddy to design your site.

If speed and rock-solid uptimes are what you’re after, Godaddy is the web hosting company for you. Everything else is just gravy, right? But if you want to host lots and lots of websites, you may want to rethink GoDaddy because they tend to limit your databases. With a Deluxe plan, you can have up to 25 websites, although they advertise it as “unlimited.”

As far as customer service is concerned, GoDaddy seems to lag behind some of its competitors. While they try to make their products and services as easy to use as possible, things can still go wrong. As a customer, you will eventually have to utilize GoDaddy’s customer service. Chances are, however, that everything will run smoothly. You just hear less about the positive instances because these people are off enjoying their success… or building another website with GoDaddy.

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