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3 Things You Can Do With a Smart Bulb

Are you looking for ways to make your home smarter? If so, a smart bulb is an excellent place to begin. Smart bulbs are internet-connected LED bulbs that give users more control over their lighting.

The lighting from smart bulbs can be scheduled, customized, and controlled from remote devices. Some of the most popular Internet of Things (IoT) products, smart bulbs are an excellent addition to any home.

3 Things Users Should do With Their Smart Bulbs

Once you’ve added smart bulbs to your home, how can you put them to the best use? Here are a few things to try:

1. Group Lights Together

Smart bulbs work best when they’re grouped together in zones. A zone might be a room (the living room) or a space (the basement). Once you’ve grouped your lights, you can schedule all of the bulbs in a given zone to take an action at a specific time.

For example, you can schedule the lights in the living room to turn on (with 20% dimming) at six a.m., or schedule the lights in the dining room to turn off automatically at midnight. You can also use outdoor smart bulbs as a home security feature – scheduling them to turn on and off at given times.

You can control this feature either through the apps associated with your bulbs or through your smart speaker or smart home automation hub, as long as it’s linked to your bulbs. A few good ones are SmartHome, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

2. Schedule Your Lights

The moment you get smart bulbs, you’ll realize how much easier scheduling your lights will make your life. Once you’ve installed your smart bulbs, schedule them to cater to your daily schedule.

Using the app associated with your bulbs, schedule the lights in your bathroom and bedroom to turn on around your wake-up time. Choose a specific time to turn on the rest of the lights in the house, as well. This makes the morning routine easier and helps avoid unneeded fumbling in the dark.

3. Change the Hue

Most smart bulbs come with a built-in feature that allows them to change their color temperature and hue. This functionality allows you to connect your smart home‘s lighting to a personal weather station or save a specific lighting dynamic as a setting. For example, you can save a dimmed, warm-light setting as your “Evening” light and a brighter setting for those rainy days.

Enjoy Your Smart Home

Smart bulbs save you money, make your home more eco-friendly, and provide a better user experience. Make the most of your smart bulb with these three tips.

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