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How Much Does UberEats Food Delivery Cost?

The popularity of food delivery service UberEats is on the rise thanks to the convenience it brings. But when you use UberEats, you’re paying more than just the order amount and tax. That’s why it’s important to know each cost that’s involved. Here’s a breakdown of what it costs to take advantage of UberEats:

Start With Your Order, Tax and Tip Amounts

UberEats’ prices for menu items in the app aren’t always the same as in-store prices. The restaurant decides the prices you see on UberEats and whether or not you can take advantage of special prices that typical in-store patrons would experience. The amount of tax you pay will also impact the total price as the tax is based on the delivery location. For instance, if you are placing an order for delivery at your job in Miami Beach, you can expect to pay seven percent tax. Tips aren’t part of your total order but they are optional.

Know the New Pricing Structure

Back in March 2019, UberEats introduced a new pricing structure. The pricing structure is important to take into account because your UberEats bill can easily add up if you’re not paying attention. UberEats’ pricing structure consists of a delivery fee, service fee and a small order fee. Here’s how these fees apply to the cost of your order:
  • Delivery Fee. The delivery fee is the cost of delivering your food. It’s based on the courier availability and the location of the restaurant. That means you can expect to pay varying rates per restaurant. However, this amount is revealed before you make your purchase.
  • Service Fee. You can also expect to pay 15 percent of the bill for restaurants who don’t deliver their own food to you.
  • Small Order Fee. If your order is less than $10, expect to pay the small order fee. This is a $2 surcharge that gets added to your UberEats bill. That’s means if your order amount is only $5, you can expect to pay at least $7 before any tip, taxes or other fees.

Compare to Other Services

UberEats offers advantages and disadvantages compared to other food delivery services. When you compare UberEats vs GrubHub, some UberEats restaurants may require a minimum order. UberEats also charges a small order fee similar in price to Postmates ($1.99). However, its delivery often is cheaper than GrubHub‘s standard $9.99 delivery fee. However, UberEats lacks a subscription service. On the other hand, you can subscribe to Doordash’s DashPass for 9.99 per month and Postmates Unlimited for $9.95 a month to avoid a delivery service fee for orders over $15.

Final Thoughts

While using UberEats offers convenience, it’s crucial to know the final cost so you can avoid a larger-than-expected bill. Consider all the costs involved with using this popular food delivery service and compare it to other food delivery services to ensure you’re maximizing your dollars. We’ve made it easy to compare UberEats versus DoorDash or against other services with our full reviews and comparisons. Click the link above to read more.

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