How Does YogaVibes Work?

Using YogaVibes is a lot like using Netflix. All you need to do to get started is sign-up for an account, input billing information and start watching. In minutes, you could be watching your morning yoga video and getting ready for the day. Plus, when you sign up, you get an automatic 15-day free trial, so you can explore the entire library of yoga videos before you spend a dime.

With more than 5,000 yoga videos to choose from, you’ll want to pay careful attention to ratings and build a list of your favorite videos. As long as you rate the videos it will be easy to remember what you like and what leaves you bored. You can also use the extensive search functions to find videos that will challenge without leaving you unable to complete them.

Find instructors that keep you interested and motivated, along with pre-selected programs designed to gradually take you through a complete workout.

What Makes YogaVibes Stand Out?

In the online fitness space, you’ll find a ton of video libraries with plenty of content. What you won’t find is another service with as many videos, and certainly not with a yoga focus. Many online fitness programs have a few hundred workout videos. With YogaVibes, you get several thousand to choose from.

Another part of the YogaVibes service is the ability to buy your favorite videos. You can purchase some of the workout videos at a deeply discounted price, ensuring you’ll always have access. Also, once you have your own library of favorites, you may not need a subscription.

With YogaVibes, you don’t limit yourself to your home gym. You can also buy classes and sessions at local studios. Sometimes, you really do need the services of a teacher that can help you perfect your form or recommend modifications not shown on a recorded video.

Common Reviews of YogaVibes

YogaVibes enjoys almost universally good reviews. The most common complaint is about cancellation, not the service. To cancel, you will need to call and leave a message. The company will call you back to process your cancellation. Other than this inconvenience, YogaVibes offers excellent service and an extensive library of videos.

YogaVibes’ videos cover several forms of yoga, allowing practitioners to find the form that works best for them. Surprise and delight are the most common reactions to finding everything from vinyasa flow to the slower paced yin style.

Accessibility is another point in favor of YogaVibes. It is available on virtually any device and loading times are fairly quick. The clean and intuitive UX is another place where YogaVibes shines in reviews. The entire site is easy to navigate and easy to use, so you can find videos that focus on the right difficulty and part of the body. You can even try barre, pilates or other yoga-related exercise options.

Is YogaVibes for Me?

Getting to the gym or making it to a yoga studio for scheduled classes doesn’t work for everyone. Taking yoga classes in the studio is always preferable. After all, you want corrections for form, so you avoid injury and make the most out of every movement. However, formalized schedules don’t work for everyone.

A young child can add the inconvenience of finding childcare. An unusual work shift can make it difficult to get to the studio on time. Even if you can afford the time to attend in-person classes, the costs can really rack up. YogaVibes avoids all of these issues with an affordable option that is available 24/7, all year long.

When you need to sneak in a workout during morning naptime or grab time for a few poses during your break at work, you want something that you can carry with you and do on demand. That’s exactly the type of service YogaVibes offers. You can also combine the on-demand classes with the occasional session at a local studio. This flexibility gives you total control over your journey into becoming a yogi.