4 Tips and Best Practices for Email Marketing

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Email marketing can be an excellent way to reach out to customers who are already in your sales funnel. Choosing the right email marketing tool can help you implement your email marketing strategy efficiently and cost-effectively. However, first you need to understand the best practices of email marketing. These four tips can help.

1. Use Split Testing

Split testing means sending one version of a marketing email to one group of recipients and a different version to another group. You can then compare open and response rates between the two groups to work out which version is most effective.

To make split testing most useful, change one aspect of the email at a time. For example, you could send out two versions of an email with two different subject lines. Once you see which subject line is most effective, you can use this for the rest of your email marketing.

2. Always Include a CTA

What do you want readers to do after they open and read your email? Do you want them to check out a new product in your online store, like your brand on social media, or follow a link to find out more. Be sure to include a call to action (CTA) at the end of your email to encourage readers to take the desired action.

3. Tell an Inspiring Story

Every email you send should tell a story to the reader. Instead of opening with a description of the products or services you have to offer, tell a story that shows you understand the problems your readers face. Once you have evoked emotions and empathy in the reader, you can then offer your product or service as the solution.

4. Choose the Right Email Marketing Service

Email marketing services make it easy for you to manage your mailing lists. Review the features of Constant Contact, iContact, Campaigner, and GetResponse: all allow you to schedule emails and organize your email marketing campaigns so that you get as many responses as possible. Take a look at the features each service offers to decide whether it is right for you. You can compare each feature between two services by visiting our email marketing service reviews page. Then, read the full review of each service and you’ll know which one is right for your needs.

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