Cut the Cord and Snuggle Up With One of These Streaming TV Apps

Cable subscription prices keep going up, and many companies are behind the times when it comes to user-friendly features. Plus, your programming is filled with advertisements. Streaming TV apps make it possible to cut the cord and use them for your entertainment. They come in many forms and are less expensive than your typical cable package. You also get multi-device compatibility with most apps, which allows you to view shows on smart TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets. Here are some of the most popular streaming TV apps.


Netflix is the go-to choice for many cord cutters due to its broad range of shows, movies and its own content. It receives new programming on a regular basis, has a powerful recommendation engine that gives you personalized ideas on what to watch next and includes many user-friendly features.


This streaming TV app is dedicated to anime and related content. It sets itself apart from other anime streaming services by offering simulcast programming that airs at the same time as it does in Japan, an extensive collection that includes many studios, and many popular series and movies.

Sling TV

It’s hard to cut the cord when you’re a sports fan, but Sling TV makes it possible. This TV streaming app is more expensive than most of this list, but you get a channel lineup that’s similar to your typical cable package. You choose between a few setlists that include popular television channels, including those that play live sports. If you find yourself resisting streaming TV apps because they’re too different from the cable experience, Sling TV is a good starting point.

Amazon Prime Video

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you have access to this service. While the library isn’t as extensive as more established options, Amazon is investing in creating its own movies and shows. They also offer add-on channels, such as Showtime, so that you can put together your dream team of television.


“Game of Thrones” and other hit shows are an enticing reason to keep your cable subscription, but HBO Now gives you the opportunity to enjoy them independently. You get this popular programming and access to the HBO library without needing to hold onto an expensive cable subscription.
Cutting the cord doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from quality entertainment. Whether you want to watch your sports team win big or get the latest episodes everyone’s talking about, you can get it from one of these TV streaming apps.

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