What Is The Cost Of Telehealth Apps Like Amwell Cost?

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Patients are exploring new ways to get healthcare at home with apps like Doctor on Demand and Amwell. But how much do these apps cost? Not all health care apps work the same way. Prices can vary, so it’s important to know what you’re really spending when you use a health care app. Here’s how much you may expect to pay when utilizing these healthcare apps:

1. Amwell Cost

Amwell links you face-to-face with a doctor via its app. The doctor will be able to engage with you one-on-one and diagnose your health issues. You can also work and give you a treatment plan. As of 2019, Amwell costs patients $69 for a visit. This price is lower than the national average cost of $139 for an in-office appointment. Moreover, patients who have health insurance provided via their employers may pay even less in co-payments if their insurance covers telehealth services. Check out our Amwell review.

2. Doctor on Demand Cost

Doctor on Demand offers its customers a unique pricing plan, and that is simple and straightforward. The price for a 15-minute consultation via Doctor on Demand is $75. There is no monthly or annual fee to worry about paying. Doctor on Demand also does not offer subscriptions, as of 2019. But if you need more time to speak to the doctor, you will be given an option to extend the call for an extra fee. You will receive a preview of the cost before you make the call so that there are no surprises. See our Doctor on Demand review.

3. MeMD Cost

MeMD offers phone appointments for individuals that don’t feel comfortable with video calls. When you connect with a MeMD doctor, you can get services similar to an in-person visit. Their doctors even can prescribe you medication for your treatment. MeMD also provided as a cheaper alternative to Doctor on Demand and Amwell as it costs $45 per visit, as of 2019. Our MeMD review tells you more.

Final Thoughts

Telehealth and telemedicine apps like Amwell, Doctor on Demand, and MeMD offer patients a convenient alternative to in-person office visits. They often cost less and are available during various times of the day. But it’s still important to weigh in on the costs to know what to expect to pay. Just remember that these prices can also change as time goes by, so it’s essential to determine if the services and price work together to meet your needs.

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