What the Top 3 Home Security Companies Have In Common

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Not all home security companies offer you the same level of safety. When choosing a company, you should consider what the best home security companies have in common. Many people feel that Frontpoint, SimpliSafe and Protect America are the top three companies in the home security field. Although they do differ in some degree, they share some benefits.


Experts warn that a home security system should either be completely wireless or have a wireless backup through the internet or a cellular connection. Landlines are going out of style and may not be available in the future, so you don’t want a system that is dependent only on that phone type. Also, cellular monitoring is more reliable because it won’t go down if your internet does. Frontpoint, SimpliSafe and Protect America all offer cellular monitoring. In addition, SimpliSafe gives you the option to self-monitor, and Protect America gives you landline and broadband options.

Smart Alarms

All systems have various forms of sensors, but some systems simply sound a loud, local alarm. Others automatically contact the police department and notify you by text, email or phone. You can customize some systems to send different levels of alerts depending on the time of day. For instance, more alerts would be engaged at midnight than at 3:00 p.m., when your children return from school. All three of the top plans offer the additional email and text alerts as well as video surveillance.


Home security systems need to be affordable so that the average person can easily invest in one. Most companies offer various levels of protection depending on the contracts that their customers choose. While the “ultimate” plans of Frontpoint and Protect America cost approximately $50 per month, SimpliSafe’s top-tier plan is priced at $24.99 per month. The features offered in each do vary, of course. Installation fees may range up to $500 or more, depending on the company.
For less than the cost of cable TV, you can purchase home security protection. The top three companies are fairly similar in what they offer, but all provide the basic services that you need. If you choose another company to provide your service, make certain that they offer you the benefits necessary to keep your home safe.
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